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Then he was about to talk about the past in detail when he heard someone in the room shouting, "San-niang, we have washed our hands long ago. It's not because you are alone. We have been friends for many years, but we won't take action.

The dazzling blue and golden flame bloomed instantly on the light and shadow of Lingmou, and it fell slowly, guarding Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong who embraced each other. Huge eyes look so deep, look carefully, as if there is an endless world in general. In the next instant, a terrible mixture of blue, purple and gold was emitted. The illusory light went straight away, and wherever it passed, all the vegetation turned into nothingness. The brilliance of that moment is like eternity. Where the tricolor light passes, the halo does not disperse, leaving behind a blurred distortion and dazzling color. However, Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong failed to see this scene. At the same time as the light burst out, the power of Haodong in their bodies was emptied in an instant, and a strong sense of weakness made them fall to the ground and fall into a coma in an instant. Wuhun fusion skill has always been a powerful skill, and they are trying it for the first time, during which they have gone through the process of two Wuhun fusion skills. Soul power and mind consumption are huge, and have never adapted to this situation, do not faint. Still in the hugging position,fish measuring tape, they just fell straight down. A night without words. It's getting light.. When Wang Dong woke up from a coma or a sleep, he really wanted to die. Last night, at least in bed, but today, look at it, two people are still holding so tightly, but covered with dust,Walking tape measure, grass clippings and dew. I just slept in the wild for one night. Is this the legendary dew-water marriage? "Huo Yuhao, get up." Wang Dong struggled to climb up from Huo Yuhao's arms, and the look on his face was even hysterical. Huo Yuhao opened his eyes hazily and found that the sky was already bright and startled. He turned over and sat up. But the next thing he saw was Wang Dong standing in front of him, staring down at himself, as if he might beat him up at any time. Wang Dong gnashed his teeth and glared at him. "Didn't you say yesterday that you wouldn't sleep with him again?" "Did I say that?" Huo Yuhao said in a daze. You I'll fight you. Wang Dongmeng rushed forward and straddled Huo Yuhao, who was about to beat him. Huo Yuhao quickly grabbed his hands and stared blankly aside, "you, you see.." "What are you looking at." When the words export, Wang Dong subconsciously along Huo Yuhao's eyes glanced, this glance, so that his eyes can not be taken back. The two men were stunned to see that a trench had appeared at an angle of forty-five degrees to their side. A strange moat. This trench is about 1.5 meters wide, one foot deep, straight forward, Walking measuring wheel ,Horse weight lbs, has been spread 50 meters away, before quietly disappearing. If only such a trench, will never let Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong so surprised. After all, they work together to display the soul fusion skills and even take out all their soul power, so that two people were unconscious overnight, the power is also normal. But the scariest place is that the trench should have been part of the soil, are presented as a layer of the same light gold, this light gold is exactly the same as Huo Yuhao Shi Zhan Lingmou Wuhun. It was not only the soil of the ground, for there were several big trees in the place where the trench passed, one of which had been swept along the edge, and a semicircular depression appeared on the trunk, and the cut surface was also pale gold. On both sides of the trench, the vegetation that had only been scraped left such a color. At this moment, in the light of the rising sun, that layer of pale golden light, like a golden road, appeared in front of Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong. How could they not be surprised? "Is this, is this caused by your goddess of light?" Huo Yuhao asked dully. Still riding on him, Wang Dong shook his head subconsciously and said, "No, absolutely not.". Although my Wuhun has gold, it is bright gold or blue gold, not this kind of light gold. This, this looks the same color as your eyes! Huo Yuhao patted him on the thigh and said, "Go down quickly. Let's go and have a look." "Uh-huh.". "Wang Dong was also attracted by the golden road at this time, and did not notice that the place where Huo Yuhao patted was close to his buttocks. As soon as he turned over, he stood up from him. Huo Yuhao also stood up, and they quickly came to the golden road and squatted down.". Just as Wang Dong was about to reach out and touch it, he was caught by Huo Yuhao. "You say this is like the color of my eyes, or I will come." With these words, his other hand reached into the ditch and touched the gold. ------------------- It's better today. Thank you for your concern. I thought about this Wuhun fusion skill for a long time before I finally decided. As for its function, you will gradually see it later. Sick, still want to ask everyone a lot of support. I'll try to recover this week and next week in the third watch. As long as I think of you, I can overcome the difficulties together. Ask to collect, recommend ticket, member to click. Chapter 23 Withering in the Bright, Golden Road (2) This touch does not matter, Huo Yuhao instantly like an electric shock to withdraw the hand, a face of shock color. Because at the moment of touching the gold, he felt as if his brain was out of order for a moment. The sea of spirit fluctuated violently, and the feeling was like a shock to the soul. Is this, is this just the remains of our Wuhun fusion skill? You try. Huo Yuhao hurriedly said to Wang Dong beside him. Wang Dong was so curious that he quickly touched the golden trench. His reaction was much bigger than Huo Yu's,Fish measuring board, and the whole person appeared dull for a moment, and it took him a long time to come to his senses. The two men looked at each other and saw the shock in each other's eyes. This, this is too fierce. This is just the remnants of our Wuhun fusion skill. I feel like I was attacked by your eyes with all my strength. How far would it go if we took the blow head-on? Wang Dong's voice trembled with excitement. No soul master will not want to have a powerful soul skill. tapemeasure.net

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